Our Story



From our Family to Yours

Wallace Scones is a Michigan-based business started by two retired nurses in response to the overwhelming success of selling their homemade scones to friends and co-workers. Using Grandma’s family scone recipe and adding Michigan grown products, a variety of scone flavors are offered in markets throughout Michigan and Ohio. 

Wallace Scones have no preservatives, no additives and no trans-fats. When Wallace Scones are being baked, the aroma fills the house. This brings back the memories of shared family times and togetherness. 

We hope to share that experience with you.


Enjoy a home baked Wallace Scone today. Ten flavors to choose from — ALL without the hassle of homemade.

Bake them fresh at home for you and those special people in your life.

Share the flavor. Share the experience. Share the Love.

30 Minutes to Delicious

Our scones come ready-to-bake in just 30-minutes. Enjoy a quick treat on the go, with colleagues or family members, at book clubs, parties, events, family gatherings — you name it. We’re proud to offer delicious Michigan made goodness and extend the comfort of togetherness and family values from our door to yours.  

As Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Pop out of the package
30-Minutes in the Oven

Wallace Scones are sold ready-to-bake at grocery stores and specialty markets or you can order direct, here.

These delectable six-pack scones can be made in just 30-minutes and take all the prep work out of the process. Three easy steps and you too can enjoy Wallace Scones anytime of the day — share with family and friends.

Wallace Scones has always felt that sharing great food is a tradition we want to keep alive.
Tell everyone you made them yourself — we don’t mind, it can be our little secret.

Supporting A Cause

As retired Nurses, Mary Wallace and Julie Tenbusch know the importance of community and supporting those in need. 

As a result, Wallace Scones donate 10% of their profits to the Mercy Education Project and scones to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.