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About Wallace Scones


My mom is threatening to break anyone’s arm if they grab the scone with the ton of cherries in it.

– Terri from Livonia, MI

The scones were a hit at the baby shower!!! Everyone loved them!!

– Carolyn from Northville, MI

My kids and I are making your scones a tradition at my house. I promised to have your scones every time we get together.

– Marcy from Farmington Hills, MI

I bought these for my niece’s bridal shower hoping they would be good. They went far beyond my expectations! They were outstanding and everyone loved them. I’d rather buy these than bake my own! I’m a customer for life!!

– Maura

Best scones EVER.

– Chris from Birmingham, MI

Along with my single cup coffee maker, these scones make my busy mornings A LOT easier. Bless you!

– Amy from Saginaw, MI

These scones are very authentic; just like the English scones.

– Pam from Yorkshire, England

Homemade Frozen Scones