The Story Behind Wallace Scones

Wallace Scones is a small Michigan business started by two retired Nurses in response to the overwhelming success of selling their homemade scones to friends and co-workers. Using Grandma’s basic scone recipe and adding Michigan grown products, a variety of scones are offered in markets throughout southeast Michigan. Wallace Scones have no preservatives , no additives, and an ingredient list my grandmother would have approved. When these frozen scones are baked, the aroma fills the house, bringing back the memories of our family times together.

Enjoy a home baked scone today, without the hassle of homemade. Bake them fresh in your oven whenever you have the occasion for those special people in your life.

Wallace Scones are also sold both frozen and baked at festivals and special events in Southeast Michigan. Ten percent of Wallace Scone profits go to the Mercy Education Project annually in appreciation for the education the co-owners received from the Sisters of Mercy with acknowledgement that education opens all kinds of doors. All baked products not sold at festivals and special events are donated to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit.

Homemade Frozen Scones